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142_Linked_List_Cycle_II md

142. Linked List Cycle II




思路: 稍微改了一下141,这里稍微注意一下while-else clause就行

Let’s say, the first node is node 0, the cycle starts at node L, and the length of the cycle is C; Moreover, after t steps, fast catches slow.

Now we know that fast totally traveled 2t nodes, and slow traveled t nodes

Then we have: 2t - t = nC (where n is an positive integer.) i.e. t=nC

Now, think about that, at step t, if we travels L more steps, where are we? i.e. if we travel L+t = L + nC steps in total, where are we?

Absolutely, at the start of the cycle, because we have covered the first L nodes once and the entire cycle n times.

So, if we travel L more steps at time t, then we get the start of the cycle.

However, how can we travel exactly L step? The answer is to use an other pointer to travel from node 0, and when they meet together, it is exactly L steps and both of them are at the start of the cycle.


class Solution(object):
    def detectCycle(self, head):
        :type head: ListNode
        :rtype: bool
        slow = fast = head
        while fast and
            slow =
            fast =
            if slow == fast:
            return None
        while head != slow:
            slow =
            head =
        return head